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Automatic Pet Feeder

- APF-1000

Feed your pets on a programmed schedule

Automatic & Accurate Feeding

Automatically dispenses pre-set portions of pet food, Ranging from 1/4 cup to 3 cups of dry food per serving. 3 meals a day can be set for your pet’s health and happiness.

Voice Record - Dining Warning

Voice can be recorded and played to warn the pets when they should have dinner.

Main Features

- Automatic & manual feeding
built in display and buttons for manual control and programming.
- Accurate feeding
1-3 feeds per day.
- Voice record & playback
play your own voice message at meal times.
- 5.5L food capacity
pellucid hopper, can easy check food storage.
- Battery operated
requires 3 x D cell batteries. Alkaline batteries are recommended.

Main Specification

  • Model APF-1000
  • Name Automatic Pet Feeder
  • Type of pets Dogs, cats, rabbits, etc...
  • Type of food Dry food only. Do not use canned food.Do not use moist dog or cat food. Do not use treats.
  • Wheel dispensing capacity A portion is about 60ml, 25-35g
  • Capacity 5.5L
  • Meals 1-3meals
  • Voice recording & playing Yes
  • Power 3 x D-Cell batteries (batteries is not included).
  • Lower power warning Yes
  • Color (to be optional) Black, White, Pink
  • Dimension 38.8x21.8x38.6 cm
  • Weight 1.7kgs