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Wi-Fi Pet Feeder

- SPF-1010-TY

Tuya Version APP control

Programmable Timer for Automatic Feeding

Smart phone Wi-Fi remote control, schedule up to 20 automated feedings per day.

Food Storage

Food storage can hold up to 4L of food. Lid can be removable, easy to see food storage status.

Removable Food Tray

The removable hygienic feeding tray super easy to clean.

Dual Power Supply

DC power adapter and/or battery powered. In case of a power outage. The feeder will continue to function on 3 D-size batteries (batteries not included.).

More Color To Be Optional

White, Black, Pink

Main Features

- Wi-Fi remote control
smartphone programmable.
- Tuya version
Support for Tuya APP.
- Automatic & manual feeding
Built in display and buttons for manual control and programming.
- Accurate feeding
1-20 feeds per day, dispense portion from 1 to 15 cups.
- 4L food capacity
See food status through top cover directly.
- Dual power protective
Using 3 D size batteries, USB extension corad as alterrnative.

Main Specification

  • Model SPF-1010-TY
  • Name Wi-Fi control Automatic Pet Feeder
  • Type of pets Dogs, cats, rabbits, etc...
  • Type of food Dry food only. Do not use canned food.Do not use moist dog or cat food. Do not use treats.
  • Wheel dispensing capacity A portion is about 60ml, 25-35g
  • Capacity 4L
  • Meals 1-20meals per day
  • Min food intake 15g
  • Max food intake 225g.
  • Wi-Fi Standard 802.11b/g/n
  • APP Tuya
  • Power USB extension cord (can connect to power adapter), 3x D cell batteries as backup (batteries no included)
  • Dimension 300x240x300 mm
  • Weight 2.1kgs