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Perfect Pet Dinner

- APF-2016



No matter when you are in work, trip or party, mobile can help you to remote control the feeding process. Pets would be greatly cared in each meal even when you are outdoors.


It’s a available to set 5 different feeding schedule groups each day in accordance with the eating habit of pets. Solve the food volume concern.


Pet Feeding Management System will record daily feeding volume. Data will gather into report, which would help the master to keep track of the health status of pets.

Main Features

- Wi-Fi remote control
smartphone programmable.
- Accurate feeding
1-6 feeds per day.
- Health management
record pets daily feed quantity to keep track of pets' health.
- Voice record & playback
play your own voice message at meal time.
- 5.5L food capacity
Pellucid hopper, can easy check food storage.
- Dual power protective
battery & DC power supply operated.

Main Specification

  • Model HL2016
  • Name Wi-Fi control Automatic Pet Feeder
  • Type of pets Dogs, cats, rabbits, etc...
  • Type of food Dry food only. Do not use canned food.Do not use moist dog or cat food. Do not use treats.
  • Wheel dispensing capacity A portion is about 60ml, 25-35g
  • Capacity 5.5L
  • Meals 1-5meals
  • Voice recording & playing Yes
  • Power DC power converter operated.3 x D-Cell batteries can be fitted for backup.
  • Lower power warning Yes
  • WIFI standard 802.11 b/g/n
  • Color (to be optional) Black, White, Pink
  • Dimension 38.8x21.8x38.6 cm
  • Weight 1.7kgs