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Wi-Fi Pet Feeder

- SPF-2000W-TY

Tuya Version APP control

Programmable Timer for Automatic Feeding

Smart phone Wi-Fi remote control, schedule up to 20 automated feedings per day.

Two-way Communication

Built-in advanced microphone and speaker for clear two-way audio conversation.

Incorporate & Removable Food Tray

Incorporate food tray, easy to restore. The removable hygienic feeding tray super easy to clean.

Sealed Food Storage

Food storage container can hold up to 7.5L of food. Sealed barrel keep the food fresh.

Dual Power Supply

DC power adapter and/or battery powered. In case of a power outage, the feeder will continue to function on 3 D-size batteries (batteries not included)..

Main Features

- Remote control
smartphone programmable.
- Alert functions
receive a notification in your mobile phone.
- Health management
record pets daily feed quantity to keep track of pets' health.
- Automatic & manual feeding
built in display and buttons for manual control and programming.
- Accurate feeding
schedule up to 8 feeds per day.
- Voice record & playback
play your own voice message at meal times.
- Large food capacity
7.5L large capacity, use it as a food storage bucket.
- Key lock
prevent mis- operation by pets or kids.
- Dual power protective
Battery backup, continuous operation during power or internet failure.

Main Specification

  • Model SPF-2000-W-TY
  • Name Wi-Fi control Automatic Pet Feeder
  • Food Hopper Capacity 7.5L
  • Type of Food Dry food only. Do not use canned food.Do not use moist dog or cat food. Do not use treats.
  • Auto Feeding Times 8 feeds per day
  • Feeding Portions Max 39 portions, approx 23g per portion
  • Audio Input Microphone, 10meters, -30dBv/Pa
  • Audio Output Speaker, 8Ohm 1w
  • SD card 64GB SD card slot.(SD card is not included).
  • Wi-Fi Standard IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
  • Mobile View For Android and iOS devices
  • Power DC 5V 1A. 3x D cell batteries. (Batteries is not included)
  • Product Material Edible ABS
  • Dimension 230x230x500 mm
  • Net Weight 3.76kgs